The Food Challenge

Massachusetts General Hospital for Children
Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD, Director, Food Allergy Center

Dr Shreffler examining a Food Challenge patient

Preparing for the Food Challenge

Mark your calendar and save the date!

Your appointment and when to reschedule

Appointments can book six months out and should be not be casually missed, however there are specific circumstances where we may need to reschedule.

How we can help with apprehension

Dr Rotter

Nancy Rotter, Pediatric Psychologist, talks about the importance of easing fears and offers suggestions to help parents and children work through their anxiety.


Medications to take and medications not to take the week before

Medications can interfere with the outcome. Elisabeth (Lisa) Stieb, RN, reviews which medications patients should continue to take and which medications not to take the week before your appointment.

Foods to prepare or purchase